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Currently viewing - Optional Extras on Under Bars
Optional Extras on Under Bars
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SPB-01Splash Back150mm(h)1.5
SPB-02Splash Back150mm(h)2.5
SPB-03Splash Back150mm(h)3.5
SPB-04Splash Back150mm(h)4.5
BAC-01Stainless Steeel BackN/A1.5
BAC-02Stainless Steel BackN/A2.5
BAC-03Stainless Steel BackN/A3.5
BAC-04Stainless Steel BackN/A4.5
DRW-01Stainless Steel DrawerN/APer drawer
PIT-01Pizza Top6 x inserts( not included)1.5 (1147mm)
PIT-02Pizza Top10 x inserts(not included)2.5 (1720mm)
PIT-03Pizza Top13 x inserts (not included)3.5 (2294mm)
PIT-04Pizza Top17 x inserts (not included)4.5 (2868mm)
POT-01Polar Top100mm (h)1.5
POT-02Polar Top100mm (h)2.5
POT-03Polar Top100mm (h)3.5
POT-04Polar Top100mm (h)4.5
CAS-01Castors -swivel lockper casterN/A
SHL-01Shelveper shelveN/A
SKS-01SK 5 sliding shelvesN/AN/A
LOC-01Lockper doorN/A
CUT-01Cut outsper holeN/A
AAPAC-01Packaging ExportN/A1.5
AAPAC-02Packaging ExportN/A2.5
AAPAC-03Packaging ExportN/A3.5
AAPAC-04Packaging ExportN/A4.5
BAF-70Stainless Steel DoorOneFull
BAF-71Stainless Stell DoorOneHalf
BAF-72Glass DoorOneFull
BAF-73Glass DoorOneHalf